Welcome to Event Registration in a Zip!
ZippyReg has been providing online event registration in a zip for over 10 years. ZippyReg was originally operated as the ARE Event Productions' online registration system for use exclusively with their own events. The ease and diverse functionality of the system exemplies the advantages of partnering with a company that provides vertical data management solutions to events. The dynamic and customizable nature of the system is second to none and we look forward to being a premium part of your registrant experience.

Our system is easy to use and we take great pride in an ad-free and solicitation-free experience for participants. When someone goes to register for an event, that's all they'll be doing on our site; no subscriptions to take up time, numerous pages to click through, nor anything not related to your event. Now that's registration in a zip!

What We Do
Make it Fun Make it easy for event organizers to provide an online registration experience that participants enjoy. We also put on our own events through our parent company ARE Event Productions. And nothing beats doing something healthy and having fun at the same time!
Get registered in a zip with ZippyReg.com!